Top Interior Design Trends For New Homes In 2020

As long-time builders of new homes in Northeast Florida, we know the importance of decorating our models in a way that’s consistent with what today’s buyers expect to find. 

We’re hearing that for 2020, interior design trends will veer away from the styles we’re used to and focus more upon the unique and unusual.  Buyers will design their living spaces to be reflections of their own personalities, doing what makes them happy instead of being influenced so much by what they find in magazines.

Here are some specifics to help guide your choices.

We’ll see all sorts of materials used in both décor and architecture.  Current popular features such as all-white kitchens and accent walls will evolve over time as a new “anything goes” philosophy takes hold.

You’ll begin to notice more free-form lines and curves, and natural touches of wood, textiles and cane will be highlighted.

Instead of the toned-down approach of minimalism, the approach in general will be about embracing grandeur with big, bold colors and patterns, gaudy design and abstract art.  Simply stated, “less is more” is out and it’s now “more is more” – stopping short of busy and cluttered, of course.  Geometrics are definitely “in”, but within limits.  Classic and contemporary designs work best with chairs and throws, and bathrooms are where you might want to make a bolder statement.

The engineered environment trend will continue, blending technology and nature in new homes to repurpose used plastic, old wood and other recyclables to create beautiful, sustainable pieces. 

There will be lots of green, whether it’s accent walls or just simple throw pillows, plants or artwork.  Dusty green shades such as olive and pistachio are gaining popularity, and they work well even where mostly neutral tones are used.  Rubber plants, money plants, and snake plants are excellent greenery for adding rich color, and they’re not high maintenance.   Also consider leaf-patterned bedding, wallpaper, or paintings, or add other splashes of solid green decor throughout your home.

Eco-conscious design incorporates various browns, often including wood and leather, along with earth-inspired muted blue variations.

Classic black and white themes remain trendy, but neutrals will be replaced by warm colors, saturated hues and jewel tones found on walls, tiles and cabinets.  Feminine shades of pink will be strong, as will corals and terra cotta.  We expect to notice golden yellow hues in lush fabrics, from velvets to buttery, caramel leathers.

Kitchens will become two-tone, with attractive color and pattern mashups.  Patterns are being found more often in tabletop and textile design, and it’s common to see the same pattern flow from a wall to upholstered furniture or bedding.  There really are no rules.

High contrast is coming back, and it’s easy to achieve by being color creative with moldings and trim and even using wallpaper on ceilings.  Both bold and matte black walls, finishes, and furniture are ideal for creating a high-end, on-trend look.

You may be surprised to learn that velvet on furniture – especially sofas – is very hot this year, done in vibrant blues, pinks, burnt orange and shades of taupe.

Mixed metal decor will also be pretty popular.  But mixing more than three in one space will be too busy and overwhelming.

A new trend known as biophilia incorporates human design and natural elements in a way that doesn’t seem manufactured.  Buyers want new homes that are stylish but still incorporate organic elements from the environment.  So we’re seeing recycled wood used for chairs, tables, and floors and plants supporting the concept of a clean, environmentally friendly home.  We’re not backing off entirely from high-tech, but in 2020 the emphasis will be more on getting back and giving back to nature.  For example, bedrooms and bathrooms can be turned into ethereal spaces when rich, earthy elements such as metals, wood, and stone are used.

In general, the pendulum’s swinging away from fast furniture and décor.  Consumers are thinking more long-term, buying fewer but more high-quality items.  And upholstered pieces are being made in undulating, and sometimes asymmetrical, designs that feel like throwbacks to the ’70s.

As you can tell, there are almost no limits this year to what can be done in terms of interior design – so let your imagination take the lead.

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