Enjoy the Outdoors in Your Artisan Home

Life in the outdoors can be pure bliss. Ocean breezes, warm weather, and being a short walk or a quick drive from the ocean are all great feelings to wake up to in the morning. And Northeast Florida is one of the best places to celebrate that. When you are designing your new home with Artisan Homes, consider the ways you can extend your home to the outdoors. 

Make your home open to the outside world. Living on the coast is a unique opportunity, so you should take full advantage of it by placing beautiful windows and doors that open to the outdoors. Your living room should extend beyond the walls of your home and out onto a patio or balcony with a large sliding doorway. Large windows will let in an abundance of natural light to your Artisan home. Also, aim to catch the first rays in the morning and the last sunshine in the evening with windows facing East and West. Make sure every window in the house has a great view of the outside world. Pick window locations that amplify the beauty outside by capturing views of the beach, ocean, trees or gardens.

Look for natural building materials when you are picking out your floor. A great way to bring the outside into your home is by building your home out of natural materials and flooring is a great way to show off building materials. A wooden floor brings in a natural charm that no other flooring material can quite replicate. 

The winter months in Northeast Florida are the perfect times to really enjoy the outdoors and with lovely additions such as a patio or lanai, you can create a perfectly tranquil retreat to enjoy your coffee in the stillness of the morning or entertain friends with a glass of wine in the evening. Artisan Homes has decades of experience building homes in Northeast Florida and they are ready to make your dreams a reality. Start planning your new home today! 

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