The Best Time to Buy a New Home | New Homes for Sale in Fernandina Beach, Florida

Surveys show that owning a home is still the American dream.  There’s really no “wrong” time to buy, but your particular situation will have much to do with when and how you make the decision. At Artisan Homes, we have new homes for sale in Fernandina Beach Florida, and other highly desirable areas of Northeast Florida, and we’ve seen housing sales grow at a steady pace in the last few years.  That trend is expected to continue, with median home values statewide likely experiencing an annual increase of around two percent.  So real estate remains, in general, a good investment. 

But as with any financial commitment, it’s wise to do your due diligence before making a purchase. 

We recommend that you read and learn as much as you can.  Gain a good understanding of the basics, but also spend time researching trends and long-term forecasts for the particular place where you’d like to buy.  Dig into details such as school ratings and performance, transportation, recreation opportunities, cost of living, crime rates and so forth.

What sort of surroundings do you want?  Something by the beach?  A quiet community built for retirees?  The quicker pace of city life?  A neighborhood perfect for families?

There are compelling reasons to consider buying a newly-built house instead of shopping in the resale market.

Despite our year-round mild weather, real estate selling and buying here is seasonal in nature.  And the time of year can impact how much you pay.  Prices are likely to be lower in Fall and Winter, but you’ll have fewer homes to choose from and it’s harder to find what you want.  The number of listings goes up during Spring and Summer because sellers know that demand is much higher and they can expect to get more for their properties.

And, of course, not all pre-owned homes are in pristine condition or have the exact features buyers are seeking.  So at some point, it becomes necessary to compromise rather than spend any more time looking for the “perfect” house.

Our new homes for sale in Fernandina Beach Florida, and other parts of Amelia Island, FL offer a welcome alternative to the “house shopping” experience.   Especially when sales tend to be slow, such as around the holidays or in mid-winter, you can find excellent deals on spec homes in many of our neighborhoods.  Though most of the design elements are already finalized, it still may be possible for us to make upgrades that will meet your specific needs and desires.

There are clear advantages to buying a spec home.  You can see exactly what your money is buying, move-in time is very short and when your timing is right you can negotiate a great deal on the price.  There may be amenities and features included that weren’t on your “want” list, and that can be a bonus.

But if it’s more important to select the lot you want and choose all the details before the house is built, we can help you create the home of your dreams, making each step of the process easy and hassle-free.

The earlier you buy, the better your chances will be to find a great location.  When choosing the lot your home will be built on, be sure to consider where it’s located in the community.  Being near parks and pools may be more suitable, especially if you have children.

Initially, we’ll meet with you for a four-hour professional design consultation.  When work is completed and we hand you the keys, you’ll move in knowing you’re protected from the unexpected by a comprehensive third-party Bonded Builders warranty and a one million dollar termite damage repair bond.

Of course, due diligence applies here as well.  We encourage you to tour our projects and talk to some homeowners.  Go online and check our reputation for quality of work and willingness to work with our buyers. 

Artisan Homes is a collaboration of local builders and developers dedicated to quality construction that enhances and blends with its surroundings and reflects the very special nature of Northeast Florida’s communities.  Visit our new homes for sale in Fernandina Beach Florida.  You’ll soon see the Artisan Homes difference.

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